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Cream of Cassis from Dijon "Collection Bottle"

Cream of Cassis from Dijon "Collection Bottle"

Cream  of Cassis BRIOTTET is  carried out  exclusively by maceration of blackcurrant berries harvested in Burgundy which has the Geographical Indication:  CASSIS DE DIJON. It's with  the "Noir de Bourgogne" variety that BRIOTTET makes for its crème de cassis  because it is the noblest and most aromatic variety there is.


INGREDIENTS  : Blackcurrant infusion 50% "Noir de Bourgogne variety" (Origin France), sugar, alcohol.


Degree of alcohol : 20%


50 cl bottle 


X € / L


Alcohol is dangerous for health, to consume in moderation.

Not recommended  pregnant and / or breastfeeding women. 

Alcohol is FORBIDDEN  minors (under 18).

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